Yanaka street

Yanaka street

I do like sun set. What about you?
My favorite locations for viewing sun set and also sun rise that are…

  • Along the TAMA river
  • Along the TONE river
  • Yanaka street
  • Along the ARAKAWA
  • Harbor

These locations are capable to make sweat or nostalgic mood for couples.

Twilight town

Persons taking a walk
Running persons

Yanaka street

Yanaka street where the most famous japanese downtown area for foreign tourists and once upon a time in my youth that I had been to ARAKAWA district of near there.

You can enjoying to see japanese astronomy and there are so many traditional stores and households and temples.

Evening is best time zone for shooting. I can do my best!!!!

Thanks for reading and watching
God bless us, Amen.
yasunari kayama 🐢

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