yasunari art

I just searching for originally cartoon for impression to people. Also wanna get to know how to use Adobe Anime CC, actually now I’ve been struggling to get these skills in holidays term since day before yesterday.

I made decided to go to vocational school to get moreover pragmatic skills. My recent routine a day is that do back to work after awake, and work time is around 2hours and my workplaces are my apartment or fast-food chain stores or library.

It’s able to play guitar for me.

yasunari art means…

Well it doesn’t mean that I once had named blog site’s theme actually. Don’t worry about it. However I barely can do my best for exact mean of theme I feel. Right now I can’t afford to make new video to post youtube for a while. Also it’s difficult to add blog scripts everyday since retirement in september. You know it means that I had to spent a lot of money to move therefore I have to save money to survive because I am stop working, no income and now I’m wasting everything for education and expectation.

My current living town

yasunari kayama

So I would get some ordinarily brand to assemble popular from global audiences as soon as possible. Tomorrow I am willing to take some education time in early morning so I am gonna get sleep. Maybe I’ll wake up at 2 am and do work before sunrise haha. It’s nicely thing.

Good night

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