Yellow Race Limits

Yellow Race Limits

1.Longing for white people
2.Longing for blacks
3.Longing for Hispanic

I think that admiration for other races is useless consciousness.
However, I was born as a yellow race and I am stressed by the characteristics of the yellow race.
Unique closed feeling.
Introverted human stress.
The yellow race is not a capitalist place.
The appearance and behavior of the yellow race may seem strange to other races.

Yellow race and Indians longing for whitening skin

I do not recognize my skin color is yellow.
It may be due to living in a single East Asian nation.
There are only white models such as advertisements for buildings in cities in East Asian countries.
There are many colored people who long for white people.
Very many East Asians want an international marriage with so-called white people.
But he cannot escape from the yellow community.
That’s because their own children are definitely born as Asians.
International marriages between East Asians and Indians are very few.
On the other hand, most patterns of international marriage of Indians are paired with whites.
I am sorry for those who make up skin colors that can never be changed.

I feel the limits of the yellow race

The yellow race does not have the power to lead another race.
The yellow racial capitalist society that has adapted to communist socialism is terrible.
I think Chinese people who surface emotions have the property that they are most likely to sympathize with other races.
However, I myself cannot feel any comfort in a society of yellow race.
I have something to say to other races who yearn for the yellow race.
It must never be naturalized into a yellow race.
I encourage you to move to North America and Europe, where freedom and joy surface.
I think it is absolutely difficult to get used to the national traditions and customs of the yellow race.
American yellow race president?
Asian Countries Become Other Race States?
Casting a major Hollywood movie in the yellow race?
The answer is no.

No emotional stamina

If I explain yellow race emotions to other races, yellow races have no emotional stamina.
You can’t break the shell of your heart easily by saying what you want to say.
I can’t work at home as if I’m at home or just optimistic about tragic events.
I always feel that the yellow race has a habit of searching for pessimism and excuses.
I feel strange about the hugging yellow race.
But I don’t feel uncomfortable with other colored people hugging.
East Asians in particular are shameful about Western kiss and hug cultures.
Can you be the president and CEO of a global company with that characteristic?
As an artist, I want to absorb the richness of the emotions of other races.

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