You can take a moment

Posture asking for new things from one to the next

Human beings may be unchanging creatures

I felt that the landscape of the city did not change at all

I tried to realize the feelings of a kitten sleeping in the crowd of the city

I did not feel anything when I noticed the limits of my feelings

There is a moment when I want to go back to my childhood if I repeat a ridiculous story

I had something I had curious about in the new days

I feel a little doubt whether being written in graffiti at the toilet is really serious thing

I feel like I’m wiping out something like building a shape

I thought of something scenery in front of traffic lights

It is most important that the mind changes wonderfully

If there are various people, for example if there is a moment when I think that I am not unfortunate, it is because there is something uneasy about there

Never mind when a man without independence marries married

A man with a manhood can become happy by marriage

He who has a crybaby father is an unfortunate man

Every morning somebody was wearing medicine in head

Someone is still alive now

Someone’s father and mother are not yet aware of them

I can not believe my father, mother, grandfather and grandmother who hate hatred for children

I am a man without luck

Did I lose sight of God?

Or is God still watching me warmly?

If God loves me please lead me in a good direction, lord

I think I will rebel God again once more

Then I believe that all the problems I am suffering now and all the problems will be solved

It seems to me that it is uncertain for me to grab something invisible to myself

I want some kind of opportunity

Everyone wants to be a kind person

When is a comfortable moment?

I was a bit drunk on cold mornings

I do not know what and how I catch the world by myself

The answer that arrived at the end of the conflict was a feeling to live with a theoretical idea

Last night I read back the Bible

When I read the instruction manual of my life again, I had a mistake reading

Roses blooming beautifully and weeds buried in between there are very different gaps and not a very good sight

I started to read a book before going to bed

I think that you can cast the significance of life

I think that it would be nice to have a dream that I want to fulfill

I think that it is good that the days that survive the hardships accumulate

I think that I can break broken hearts and fail

I was looking up at the night sky in a corner of the city

It is because I was bored of thinking that I do not want to go over this town anymore

I think that walking in search of the best moment may be a living thing

I think that you can feel it selfishly

What people feel while having a spiritual margin is not kindness or affection

I think there is always something tough in the end

I can tell later what the wrapping thing is

I am wondering what the original self I am sleeping in my imagination thinks

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