You like 24 hours store?

Exposure of poor lifestyle

I would like to advocate that people should be able to live if there is minimum daily necessities. If you eat to meet hunger, people can feel satisfied and excessive intake of nutrition is more nonsense than nonsense so it is an act of harming your health. A certain level of inconvenience makes wisdom work and learns perseverance. A more serious problem than the economic problem is a global environmental problem, and it will be impossible to recover if it becomes a global environment that human beings can not live in the future. The pursuit of more convenience is only an act that is not a proof of human evolution but aggravates the life of other life forms.

Modern people who can not survive unless they consume 24 hours 365 days

The fact that transportation means, food and drinks are constantly being consumed is a fact and saturated world. There is no doubt that our existence as a human being is a pest for the earth and we can not find a value for our own existential significance. While conflicting, I do not know if other living things are alive, but I am satisfied without asking for more food than is necessary. The thought of satisfying just being alive is wonderful and I will remember empathy and resonance.

Population seasonings called additives contain carcinogens

Mass-produced foods and drinks contain population seasoning seasoning and are made every day at the factory. I have hesitated to buy food and drink for the past few years and I am always thirsty and I have not eaten fast food foods for 5 years. Since the information society intensifies and professional information can be easily examined on the Internet, I would like you to search for food and drinking water. It is important not to live with a calm judgment that is not a personal opinion.

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