You should do your favorite job


You should do your favorite job

Ok,I don’t need to work for a disgusting company and I think I should do my job
I think I should take vocational training to acquire my practical skills
I feel that working for living expenses and rent is never good
Anyway you should study at school, vocational school or online to acquire practical skills
I studied art a few years ago by myself and aimed for a creative work
And I finished my oil painting work and then aimed for a web related work

Anyway, there is no doubt that doing business on the Internet is indispensable in this era

Well, I am convinced that analog thinking is never a good thing in living today
I always want to live positive and work non-sense is nonsense
However, there are still people who have an old way of thinking.
I think I should catch things with logical thinking, I think I should live constructively
I recognize that the urban field is where I do my favorite job
In other words, for me, the city is not a place of residence.
Happiness can be asserted as fulfillment, fulfillment and expectation, not interpersonal relationships or material
I feel that there are too many people who have stopped thinking.

People who think they can receive a pension

I want to talk about the current situation in Japan
Surely, I think that the Japanese nation will survive even decades later
But I’m sure Japan’s national power will definitely decline
I don’t think Japan is simply declining birthrate and aging
I think this is due to the Japanese educational system, the Japanese personality and the Japanese strange pride.
I feel that other developed countries certainly have a solid social system
Certainly, the issue of immigration in Europe is not a problem in Japan

However, I think that other developed countries have a solid working environment, working conditions, pension system, welfare system, etc

Japanese people have a habit of self-praising their country and have self-esteem
Japan’s working environment and working conditions can be declared worst
Probably immigrants don’t come to Japan, and even if they move to Japan, they will soon escape from Japan
Understand what it means to work for a company that is on the verge of excessive service or management failure
I want to get out of the Japanese city quickly and do my favorite job in a wonderful natural environment

Japanese countryside or overseas

I’m trying to make a decision now
The reason I moved to the Japanese city is to acquire skills and practical experience to work creatively
I never think of Tokyo as a place of residence
Practical skills and achievements are necessary to step up life
I am preparing for the future and living imagining my own old man
My future place of residence is in the countryside of Japan or abroad
Uhh I think Ishigaki island, Hokkaido, Kagoshima, Ukraine, Russia and Poland are attractive
I strongly want to die in a beautiful environment
I really want to invest and do my best for myself in a few years

The future of people who have stopped thinking

Have a sense of crisis by looking at the presence of vagrants immersed in fast food restaurants
Vagrant who cannot receive pension and welfare costs collects empty cans
They collect empty cans and provide empty cans to the garbage disposal site to earn their living expenses.
I think they are struggling because they have lived in a self-destructive way without struggling at a young age
The nation really doesn’t protect anything and I think everyone should live independently
So I think I should work hard for the future soon

yasunari kayama

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