You should quit the company you do n’t like right away

You should quit the company you do n’t like right away

First I want to do my job, my company and my colleagues are big
Honestly I think it ’s never good to go to work every day
But you know I think that the company is for acquiring my own skills and for stepping up my life
So I do n’t have to stick to the company, I think life should be enriched
You can relax your mental state by consulting with someone casually, and there is always a solution to the problem.
I myself have learned various life experiences and understood the meaning of success and failure experiences
Anyway, I live with hopes and hope to wait for tomorrow

With a sense of expectation

There is no merit in having been in office for a long time
Because there is no growth at all.
Most people do a monotonous task 5 days a week and seek weekend holidays
But again on Monday, work with a sense of despair and anxiety
Well I think it should be recognized that making a two-day holiday a pleasure in life is nonsense
I definitely want to have expectations
There is no growth in continuing to profession for the whole life, and stepping up the profession is managerial
I do not deny that workers over the age of 50 are doing manual labor
However, I think I should change to office work like a manager taking into account the physical decline
Changing careers from professionals to managers means growth
In other words, workers who have been doing the same work for a long time do not have growth potential
Not growing is boring, can’t increase potential, and can’t keep motivation

Should try new things

I have learned one thing
It ’s never good to keep leading your career.
I think I can do my previous job to create a stable foundation
However, as soon as we can secure a stable foundation, we are trying new things.
So I don’t stick to relationships or work, I’m looking for new encounters
And I feel sympathy with the bored personality of foreigners and I don’t have the hard work and patience of Japanese
Finally I feel that my foreign thinking and habits will be advantageous for emigration

Prompt decision

Life is infinitely short and you need to improve your logical thinking
I think I should do what I want to do and what I want to do while solving realistic problems
I want to understand the mechanism of things without being influenced by the surroundings and wipe away a nervous feeling
Before making a decision, it is necessary to understand the merits and demerits after the decision and to control emotions and reason
I think that it is important to make a decision of the minimum disadvantage after the decision.

yasunari kayama

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