You should use work to create a healthy body


You should use work to create a healthy body

I’m working as a sales person, but I’m proud without feeling painful.
Anyway, I’m trying to run outside to secure customers, but I use my work to maintain a healthy body.
On the way to work, be sure to buy 2 liters of water and a salad for less than $ 1 at a convenience store.

My lunch is a salad for less than $ 1 and drinks only water

I am convinced that it is very important not to accept junk food and make a healthy body so as not to feel stress.
And I think the way to keep developing the autonomic nerve is to design aerobic exercise, reading and a concrete life plan.
I know that I won’t be rewarded even if I work hard, but I don’t want to give up easily.

If you live in an information society, information will inevitably affect your life, and I check international news every day.
However, I am not interested in domestic news because I am not interested in the situation and system of my country.
I know the realities of Japanese society and I am calmly watching the Japanese people stop thinking.

Well I want to live as an international person while quietly looking at Japanese society.
Japan is by no means an international country, and foreigners living in Japan are less than 2% of the Japanese population and are dissatisfied with a closed state.
I feel disappointed when I work with tension, distrust, and anger.
If you continue to abuse your body, your mind will stagnate and you will ruin your life.
So it’s normal to simply have a wish to feel good, and I wasn’t born to suffer. It was born to live and feel refreshed.

To those who work at McDonald’s around the world 24 hours a day

No one wants to talk about work. However, I have to work and I think it will make life worse by avoiding reality.
I think there is no choice but to find a solution to a specific problem and work hard to solve the problem.
And I think that working class people around the world are also frustrated and angry with modern society.
Many people in Ukraine have moved to foreign countries and married foreigners to get out of poor societies.

Everyone wants an easy life, but I think we should think about the essence again

You know I feel dissatisfied with society, but I am satisfied with being independent.
I think that I can promote my own growth by living alone, and I will not stop improving it all my life. Does the old man who is jealous of the city have no consciousness to improve for a lifetime?
I was able to feel very sympathetic and self-enlightened by watching the document program of the poor in America. I think the documentary document American winter is very helpful. A single mother lives in a motel and works for a long time at McDonald’s for a long time. The appearance of being desperate while enduring a difficult life stimulates my heart.

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