Your kindness make our life complete

Sometimes I forget to lookup the highly shy and beauty sky color.
Our situation is always rolling.
I doubtful it that it is allowing to take patient for working all the time, you know.
What if you gonna choose the lonely way to live for making dream come true?
There are so many situations gap between us. I can’t explain it how my feeling is.
Uhh.. you intend to reach the top in this moment?
I love to watch the document movie or nonfiction drama on Youtube.
There are so many various statuses.

Difficulty situations

1 ~Teen mom~

2 ~Blue color with crime record~

3 ~Lost someone who loves you~

4 ~Single mothers without patronage from ex husband~

If you would love to recharge, get some sleep. Surely your kindness will be back your heart.

I would say it that I love you.

thanks a lot

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