Youtube addiction


Youtube addiction

I had a habit of watching the news on Youtube every morning.
But I recently learned that it’s a bad habit.
I felt the correct answer to collect information on the world of the day before my creative activities.
From 2017, I thought that collecting the latest information on society every morning was an element of living well.
That was a big misunderstanding.
If you know the necessary and important information, you do not need detailed information or know-how.
There is a sense of crisis in collecting Internet information, which may collect unnecessary and inappropriate information.
So I’m going to surf the internet only once a day.
Don’t you think it’s a healthy way to use the Internet?

Youtube addiction

I think the main purpose of using Youtube is entertainment.
Many people watch Youtube just for fun.
I use Youtube for natural sounds, radio and news sources.
However, there are only overwhelming entertainment videos on Youtube.
I like the sound source of serious interview videos.
And I am seriously creating while listening to the sound source of the interviews about life and making things.
However, only thumbnails of unpleasant depictions are posted.
I have a strong feeling of sympathy for the masses, not stress.
We find the advice meaningless to those who no longer have remedies.
The fact that anonymous people are hiding and watching Internet videos makes me feel uncomfortable with communication in modern society.
I can imagine the existence of people who write comments irresponsibly, the dark family structure and the decadent family environment.
Youtube is like a drug anyway.

Pause information gathering

Not all information is always valuable.
All the information is useless in our lives.
Still, it is unnecessary and I reflect on myself who was creating while collecting information on stress sources.
Complete information gathering may be good.
The most important information can be collected without permission.
I think it is dangerous to suddenly click on various places to satisfy your interests.
It’s no more pain than pre-work mental damage.

Youtube viewing is only at night

It is efficient to use Youtube videos to heal your work fatigue during the day.
Simply looking at the depictions of mountains, rivers and the sea will help to stabilize your mind.
Serious discussions and narratives with nature and animals are the elements of self-stability.
But the public is always looking for excitement and enjoying seeing radical and noisy depictions.
The attitude of pursuing pleasure and physical pleasure as a slave is a threat.
Anyway, I feel happy the moment I go to bed after reading a good book I borrowed from the library.
Everything is a habit and you can get rid of Youtube addiction if you can overcome the first getting used to.
You may realize that it is a addictive symptom comparable to smoking cessation or abstinence.
Watching internet videos and watching TV is not an easy act.

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