Youtube post


Youtube post

I haven’t posted on Youtube for a few months.
There is a reason for that.
This is to improve the quality of the video.
I posted on Youtube once a week.
However, one day I noticed that the quality of the video was low.
So I changed my habits and started sticking to video production.
It’s really hard to make a few seconds of animated video by yourself.
However, I am reluctant to work together, so I choose to work alone.
It has established the notion that loneliness is normal.
So there is no loneliness.

Not impressed

I am not impressed by the works created by modern humans.
And I haven’t seen anyone impressed by it.
There are only creators who imitate fashion and seek popularity.
It can be defined that it is the creator’s job to create emotions.
Animated films are produced with a one-year creative period.
We recognize that it is normal to slow down the process to create emotion.
Responding to the demands of others is not a creation.
I myself am an active producer.
It’s not a business, it’s a futile activity.


The boxing movie Rocky is a reference example.
Rocky is the gold standard of the moving movie.
Rocky, who impressed people all over the world with the perfect fusion of depiction, insert song and BGM, is wonderful.
I learned that the moving elements come from sadness, anger, harsh conditions, and the worst environment.
And I have no joy or fun in my creations.
Sometimes it depicts jokes for relaxation.

Seek sadness and anger

Seeking sadness and anger to strengthen mind control.
But what he wants most is good anger trying to revive.
I think it is important to describe how to re-challenge with good anger from sadness.
That may be a hint to create excitement.
To be honest, there are few Youtube videos that impress you.
Is there an emotional movement that the general public intentionally made?
See the depictions of singing, dancing, acting, and cooking.
Is it impressed?
There is nothing but fun there.
Most videos can only provide fun things, so why not portray sadness or anger?
I try not to use background music or subtitles.
And I just want to be able to surface and abstract the dark parts of human beings.

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