Youtube posting pace

Youtube posting pace

Posting high-quality videos inevitably slows down the posting pace.
High quality items are scarce and few in number.
Mass-produced items are of poor quality.
The attitude of mass producing high quality products is arrogant.
Businesses that want mass production and mass consumption are barbaric.
I recently posted an animated video to Youtube once a week.
But I realized this was nonsense.
I forgot to make high-quality animated videos and did business art.
I am very sorry for this.
So I decided to slow down the pace of video posting.


If the commitment is strong, the work will not be announced easily.
I try to have a strong commitment.
Business artists are, on the other hand, teachers for me.
For me, the attitude of giving up the work and delivering the work by the deadline is nonsense.
It takes a long time to produce high-quality works.
And the condition of high quality work is the anger and stress of the author.
I feel more scarce on payphones than on mass-produced phones.
I realize that I’m not convinced easily that I’m a strong artist.

Ignore objectives and competitors

I never consider competitors.
The work that was completed with strange wickedness is a lump of stress.
Business is developing competitively.
But competitiveness is a hindrance to the true art world, which is not business.
I think I should make my work with subjectivity and objectivity.
Looking at other Youtuber videos makes me feel like I was produced.
It may be important to have the feeling of wanting to produce it.

Be sure to change to new plans and new styles

Presenting a work after a long period of production puts a great deal of psychological pressure on it.
It is hard work to make new expressions every time.
Rather, it is easier to produce the same thing in large quantities.

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