Youtube viewing time

Youtube viewing time

I set the daily Youtube viewing time to within 3 hours.
Watching videos for more than 3 hours is a cause of mental illness.
How long do you watch Youtube?
If you feel addicted to watching Youtube, we recommend limiting your viewing time.
I used Youtube videos as a sound source.
And I didn’t mainly see the description of Youtube itself.
I misunderstood that my concentration did not last in a silent work space.
From November 2019 to November 2020, I used Youtube videos as a source of creative work.
But that was a big mistake.
I thought of a way to keep my creative work focused.
And I searched for the source of mental damage.
The minimum necessary social common sense and know-how of a good way of life can be perceived in about one month.
Once you have the basic information, common sense and correct morals, you don’t have to be sensitive to social issues, incidents or accidents.
If you interfere with a sad incident or accident, you lack the important kindness that you have.
You can only pity the masses emotionally for the stupid news every day.

Youtube viewing time zone

It is also recommended to set the Youtube viewing time zone.
I set the Youtube viewing time from 6 pm to 9 pm.
Do not use Youtube until 5:59 pm.
Other information such as Yahoo news has also shut down.

Youtube channel

I only watch my favorite Youtube videos.
And I think it is correct to watch only the depictions of daily life of culture and happiness.
The public’s favorite things with different tastes are absolutely entertainment, violence and competition.
It is correct to use Youtube while ignoring what causes your own lack of morals.
I am aware that there are a lot of dangerous videos on Youtube.

Youtube restricted results

The result of avoiding and limiting the random use of Youtube was a great answer.
Wake up before 6am, start up your computer and launch the creative app.
Never look at Youtube there.
I start working in a silent space in a relatively quiet morning.
The habit of staying focused is to drink a cold bath and warm water at 7am every morning.
I will continue my creative work from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon again by exercising my physical function.
Take a break between tasks to relax your mind.
I used to watch Youtube during a break, but I noticed that my spirit never rested.
Thanks to the noise of Youtube, the number of ideas has increased.
I am overwhelmingly silent and work while thinking about something, so my concentration is not distracted.
If you watch Yotuube at 6 pm as the only pleasure of the day, it will not interfere with your daily life.
I think it’s best to read a philosophy book after 9 pm and go to bed after expanding your scholarship.
With billions of Youtube addicts, always be careful not to rely on the virtual world.

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