Youtuber going out

Youtuber going out

1.A person showing a picture of eating.
2.A person showing a depiction of enjoying an overseas trip.
3.A person showing a depiction of lovers talking in a room.
4.A person showing a description telling something.
People showing pictures of eating, drinking, talking, dancing and singing.
Are their wishes a mental pleasure? Is it physical pleasure?
All are existing content and have no uniqueness.

Rich and vulnerable desire

Change the appearance with hair styling, cosmetics and perfumes.
The existence of narcissistic people who buy clothes is important to society.
I don’t have running jerseys and I’m running in plain clothes jeans.
I’ve been wearing my brother’s old clothes for over 10 years and I’m all different from the masses.
Ultimately, people want to participate in races that make money and satisfy their desires.
A good excuse to avoid suffering.
Mysterious information senders who keep hiding something and never tell the truth.
What are their revenue sources and income?

Keep personal information private

Most Youtubers do not give their real names.
By the way, I publish my real name on blog site and Youtube channel.
If you have a sense of responsibility, I think you should publish your real name and some background.
I have no boring pride and I don’t care.
Why do the public support irresponsible people?
That is because they have stopped thinking.
I myself publish my name in English.
The reason you don’t write your name in your native language is because it doesn’t target people in your native language.
I will answer any questions and I will not hide anything.

Airline costs less than $ 100?

I really want to know about the income of Youtuber who is outing.
However, I think Youtuber, who travels abroad every year, is a merchant.
But they can’t feel the challenge.
The YouTuber who makes videos and earns living expenses is Youtuber.
I have worked part-time at a convenience store.
Convenience stores pay $ 7 per hour and $ 56 in eight hours.
If you don’t work for a difficult convenience store for two months, you won’t be able to earn aviation expenses.
I am angry at the injustice of life.
However, she has no intention of stopping thinking.
Selling your own qualities and seeking success is a silly story.

Short-term success

He stays at home all day and talks in front of the video camera to make money.
20-year-olds should think about their 30s.
A 30-year-old must build assets for retirement by the age of 45.
This is a boring story that cannot be ignored.
Every day I receive emails from unspecified sites.
All those suspicious emails every day are money-making projects.
I am convinced that short-term success

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