Yoyogi park


Yoyogi park

First of all, I take a walk in Yoyogi every Saturday afternoon actually.
And Foreign tourists in Meiji Jingu, it means almost everyday.
Young people who are inspired by Harajuku so well.
So people walking Aoyama-dori for oneself

Around there

You know A bazaar is held at an international university opposite Aoyama Gakuin University every weekend.
So I am running from Kanagawa Prefecture to Shibuya by bicycle haha.
Well Restaurant and construction site around Roppongi
Mass media reflected on construction work of Shibuya Station and screen monitor of scrambled intersection

Central park means

It is effective to go to Yoyogi Park to release urban stress
I was thinking about life while walking by the roadside trees in Yoyogi Park
People who want to be happy in the end
Thank you

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