Yutaka Ozaki


My favorite musician is Yutaka Ozaki
His Ozaki Yutaka died in 1992
His cause of death was pulmonary edema
When he died I was a first grader
He was not in this world when I got hooked on him
He’s a legendary rock singer

I’m interested in music with messages

I think Ozaki was a person who was frantically pursuing the meaning of life
He was born on November 29, 1965
Well I think that what he describes is anti-system and truth
I also like to express something like a living theme
So my oil paintings do not have simple landscapes or portraits
I remember that I was about 21 years old when I became obsessed with Ozaki

My youth song was Yutaka Ozaki’s work

I was not interested in pop music or popular and popular techno music
I’m a hard guy and a kind of human being
His view of the world was different and I was interested in something unusual
Well I got excited when I first heard his song
I was particularly impressed by the lyrics of his song

There is no quality in pop music of today’s era and there is no masterpiece

Well I feel that the quality of humanity is falling due to the convenience of the Internet society
Uhh I like rock musicians and folk singers who sing anti-war songs
You know that I think that it is cool to go against the system and I want to maintain the attitude of the anti-system
I would like to continue to pursue the true meaning while maintaining a sense of cooperation

Ozaki died and time of 30 years is about to pass

His voice sounds like screaming and I am impressed by his passion
Firstly I think it can not be understood by foreigners
I think the theme that appeals to me is measures against global warming
Other than Europeans, there are no colored people complaining about the issue of global warming
I think human desire is what causes harm

My favorite songs of Ozaki

1 Shelly
3 O’clock ( TOKI )
4 Scrambling Rock’n roll

One thing that I think that there is no genius artist in the present age
Basically I feel like there is no message masterpiece at all
You see I have no intention of denying popular singers? I’m convinced that I can’t really impress popular people
I think that the life of Michael Jackson in later years was quite miserable
I think worldly success is what makes us lazy

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