禅 Zen

It is sound like oriental tradition which is called zen.

Zen is kind of meditation and mental health is connecting with physical health.

What people are often taking mental clinic is prove of how modern human’s mentality is trend to exhaust than our guess.

It seems like popular culture for westerner in northern countries and then they are totally interested in absorbing differ cultures since almost decade years ago I thought. Surely such a western medication is very effective to fix illnesses.

As I said it must closely connection between mental and physical both of condition.

Usual people don’t know how to calm down when you getting upset for something.

The most impressed eastern traditional sport is martial arts.

Preparation stuffs

  1. mat
  2. Perfume
  3. Towel 

Disturbed stuffs for zen

  1. Noise
  2. Bad smell
  3. TV
  4. Internet
  5. Radio

Firstly you must adjust quite room as much as you will be concentrating zen.

When you get comfortable little bit you gonna let your mind count of breathe in and out for a while.

It is absolutely nothing to think of anything.

What to be nothing and no thinking are for modern people is that it must kind of difficulty situation gap between reality and spiritual world.

But you know it is time to hang on this for a while.

You can feel free to end up and awake up to reality from your zen world.

My recommended foods and drink


  1. Garlics for cancer
  2. Orange for skin care
  3. Yogurt for stomach 


  1. Green tea for fat
  2. Hot water for whole body
  3. Red wine for christian

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