I was fascinated by the French life cycle since I was 25 years old. I was impressed with such freelance life work.And then you need to have some ZEN time for your condition

Ce la vie

Sometimes my mind needs to be billed to develop my mind, as I am not good at deciding one option from many sections and it is my imperfection.

We gonna have to take own time for freedom

  • Living with another oneself and need to have such a quietly room, moment, lifecycle.
  • In the next weekend, you seem accept the newly program which you made.
  • Close your eyes
  • Nobody wants you.
  • Nobody has menaces.
  • Nothing to concern about this situation gap between realistic and dreaming.
  • Charging swallow to pleasure, noise pollution to quietly place, uncomfortable to comfortable.
  • You don’t care of upcoming rescheduled plans anymore you know that?
  • You can go to buy floor carpet and prefer watching to meditation for a long time.
  • First of all, sufficiently it is necessary to stretch whole part of body before take a sit.
  • Secondly, you gonna have to consider of imagination of raining roof in typhoon.
  • If you set up, you can lay down, sit down whatever you would take favorite position on the floor carpet.
  • Close your eyes as slowly, never thinking, concerning, considering, feeling, and just become a nothing.
  • You are nothing for all people in this world.
  • Looking forward to coming to saying it’s enough, baby to you.

We still alive and having potential

Everyone has right which can love each other

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