Zero YouTube channel registrations


Zero YouTube channel registrations

Achievement of zero subscribers

My YouTube subscribers are zero.
The total number of views is about 10,000.
It has been over a year since I started posting Youtube videos in August last year.
The total number of posts is 144.
I have used Adobe products and Nikon SLR cameras to shoot and edit videos.
My Youtube channel name is my real name yasunari kayama
No one subscribes to my Youtube channel.
I have sorrow and expectation in this fact.

Someone is watching

My video shows the number of views.
Someone is watching because the number of views is displayed several times.
This viewer is the only country in Japan.
You can identify viewers who are watching my videos without writing comments or pressing the Like button.
I am sure that the people I hate are watching my videos.
Who knows who is shy.

Making memories

For me, posting videos on Youtube is a memory.
You know I think it is unlikely that Youtube, the world ’s most popular video site, will be closed in the future.
I think the Youtube site has survived decades later.
That’s why I want to enjoy my video channel when I am old.
Like the album photos when you were young.
So the goal is not to get video advertising revenue at work.
I do my best to do creative activities with my blog.

Exhausted Youtuber

I don’t think anyone can post high-quality videos every day.
There is Youtuber, who is exhausted, stops posting videos on Youtube, has a period to refresh and travel.
Popular Japanese Youtuber posts videos almost every day, but the quality is just too low.
Japanese popular Youtubers are not world-famous and their demand is limited because they are Japanese and speak only Japanese.
No Japanese Youtuber has gained a worldwide audience who can speak English fluently.
Huhh..I feel that Japanese people with low productivity are exposed.
Well I use English because I refrain from mass Japanese viewers enjoying low-quality videos.
I want to share with foreigners other than Japanese

Guinness record

My goal on Youtube is to post 1000 videos and keep the number of subscribers to zero.
I want to accomplish the feat of Youtuber that no one can sympathize with.

Thank you

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